Hunting has become one of the most popular hobbies that many people decide to take up. The thrill of adventure, the satisfaction you get every time you bring back a trophy, there are a lot of reasons for you to take up hunting. In hunting, there is a thing called “deer hunting season” which attract a lot of attention from hunters all over the world. Deer hunting has even been shown on national broadcast. The reason for the popularity is because deer hunting is one of the simplest yet most complicated forms of hunting that both beginner and veteran hunters can enjoy. However, just like other form of hunting, preparation is needed for deer hunting and to hunt without preparing guarantee you an unsuccessful hunting season.

It is a misconception that you are going to need to prepare for your hunt just a few days before the actual hunt. Doing so only make you feel unprepared for the hunt and during preparation, chances are you are going to forget something.

In fact, you are going to have to spend weeks before the season to make sure that you have everything you need to make your hunting smooth as it should be .

  • Scout your hunting location. One of the most important thing that any hunters should know is their hunting location. Why is that you may ask? Because if you do not know your location, you are not going to know where your prey is, what is its eating habits, what obstacles may come to your way and you cannot prepare accordingly. As such, with the help of a map, you should try to scout your hunting location before the actual hunting season begins to gather info about where the nest of your prey is, where it tend to eat, etc… so you can easily track your prey as well as lay trap beforehand to guarantee a successful hunting season. The more information you manage to gather the better
  • Choose your gun. As a hunter, of course it is important to choose your gun before the actual hunting season begin. And do not think that you can just pick whatever gun you want to use and you are set to go. In fact, even if you manage to choose your gun, you are going to have to practice with it as well so that you know how to handle the gun in every situation and you know what to expect with each shot you take such as the repulse from the gun. And with each gun, the factors you need to know are going to change. For example, with a gamo silent cat which is a quieter type of a gun, you are just going to need to aim correctly and you will get your prey whereas if you use an air rifle, which can be a little bit noisy, one mistake can cause you the hunt. So you need to choose the gun and practice with it as much as you can so you know what to do with it in the hunting season.
  • Buy your ammo early. Although it is not as important as the two tips that I mentioned above, if you are able to do this early, you are going to have a lot more time to do other stuff which is more important. A lot of hunting equipment shops now sell deer hunting bullets which is specialized in dealing with deer even with the biggest and fastest of them all. Buy the needed amount and stack them in your backpack beforehand so that you do not forget them on the day you venture in the wood to hunt.
  • Check your documents. With each hunting season’s passing, the regulation for each hunting ground may be changed. As such, you should always check for any information regarding the rules for the hunting ground and see if there are any changes. Do not think that the same rules will be applied again and again for a place from seasons to seasons. It is a novice mistake. Moreover, if you for some reasons decide to change your hunting ground, you should make sure to obtain the necessary documents for access and hunting as well. Another thing you need to take into consideration is to check whether your hunting license has expired or not. If it does, it is now time to extend it. All of these documents related things should be taken care of in the preparation for the hunting season, which is why we strongly suggest you start to prepare about two months before the hunting season begins
  • Lastly, you need to train your body. As a hunter, you are going to have to run a lot in order to track your prey as well as follow its trail in order to capture it. As such, this requires a great amount of endurance and strength, something you cannot have if you are just going to prepare for the hunt a few days before the hunting season. You are going to need to exercise a lot in months before the hunt in order to get your body in a perfect shape for hunting as well as make your body strong enough to run miles in the wood. The more you practice the better. And even after the hunting season has finished, you should not stop and neglect your training. It is advisable for you to keep practice, as much as you can, for the next hunting season. Who said deer hunting is an easy job?

In conclusion, as like other form of hunting, deer hunting requires a great deal of preparation beforehand in order to make the hunt a successful one. As such, for beginners and veterans alike, it is advisable for you all to keep in mind that the more preparation you manage to make during the period of time before the hunt, the better. By doing that, a successful hunt is going to be in your reach in no time.



As the popularity of hunting grows, people tend to find as many locations for hunting as possible. Therefore, Alaska has proved to be one of the best locations for hunters to find their own trophy. With a wide variety of wildlife, Alaska has become the dream of many hunters. However, compared to other hunting grounds, there are a lot of things you need to consider in your preparation due to the huge differences in the hunting environment. As such, hunting in Alaska is not for beginners who do not know what to prepare.

With that in mind, we have collected all the tips that can help you to start hunting in Alaska.

  • First of all, you need to understand that hunting in Alaska requires a lot of physical effort compared to normal hunting grounds. In other word, if you want to hunt effectively in Alaska, you will need to push yourself 200 percent instead of 100 percent like hunting in normal hunting locations. There is a reason for you to put more physical effort while hunting here. As you may know, Alaska is extremely large with not too many road miles.

    In fact, from your drop off point, you will have to walk miles after miles of dirt trail in order to get to your hunting location. In addition, since Alaska is a rocky area, once in a while you are going to have to climb up and down the mountain as well. Despite the mountain is not high enough to put any kinds of challenges for beginner hunter, doing it again and again still demands a lot of strength and endurance from the hunter. Therefore, hunting in Alaska is more like you have your own adventure through the wild, rather than normal hunting that most hunters have experience with.
  • It does not stop there. Even if you are lucky enough that you do not have to climb up and down the mountain in order to get to your hunting ground, there are still problems ahead. When you manage to gun your prey down, you will need to bring it back to your camp. A normal moose (a prey that is widely popular in Alaska) is weighted over 200 kilos. Bring your trophy back can be a huge problem, especially if you have to walk a long way back from your hunting ground to your camp. Hunting is not easy, is it? The hard work always begins when you killed your prey
  • As we have stated above, hunting in Alaska is very physically demanding. Therefore, it is advisable for you to get into your best physical condition before the actual hunt. The best way to do this is to talk to a doctor or to a personal trainer who can help you get into shape in order to have a good, safe and enjoyable hunt. At least, you must be able to carry weights around in order for you to carry your pack bag and your trophy back and forth from your camp to your hunting location. The most ideal time for you to start to practice for your hunt in Alaska is around 4 to 6 months before your hunting season. In addition to the help from personal trainer, you can also practice by yourself. You can do small activities such as swimming, cycling, etc… everyday to help you increase your strength as well as endurance. The more preparation you make in this phase of the hunt, the better your actual hunt will be.
  • In addition to the physical preparation, you need a specific strategy for your hunt as well. As mentioned above, Alaska is a large place accompanied by challenging terrain. Therefore, it is not wise for any hunters, beginners or veterans alike, to wander around aimlessly. In your plans, you should take weather as one of the most important factors. Weather has a huge impact on how your hunt will entail. If you underestimate the weather, your hunt will be a huge failure at least or a fatal one at worst.
  • Last but definitely not least, you have to be realistic. Hunting in Alaska is hard, so you should prepare for going home empty-handed.



The question about whether hunting is a sport has been debated for quite a long time. Some people say that hunting is a sport because the dictionary says so. Some, however, claim that hunting is not a sport because it involves killing, something that should never happen in an activity which is considered “sport”. So who is right and who is wrong? We will debate this question in this very article.

Let us first look at why hunting is a sport

  • First of all, hunting is a sport because the dictionary says so.
  • In addition, as in many sports, hunting requires a lot of action as well. You have to move around as you follow your prey. However, following does not happen in just a day or two. Sometimes, following the trace of your prey takes weeks. And if you do not manage the gun your prey down, you follow it again. Therefore, the amount of physical strain put on a hunter’s body is as great as other sports.
  • Moreover, sports have competition, so does hunting. In hunting, we bet you would love to beat your fellow hunting buddy and to show them who are the best. That is the competition existing in hunting. And the trophy is of course the best prey that the best hunter can get. And with each hunting season, the prize is different. How cool is that?
  • In many sports, we have sponsorship for each sport man or each sport team. They will provide money that the individual or team can use to purchase new equipment or training equipments. In return, the team or the individual will have the logo of the sponsor on their uniform. The same goes in professional hunting. You do not know how many companies are willing to sponsor hunting team or individual hunter. The reason is very simple. It is because they have…
  • It is because hunters have fans as well. You do not know how many people love to watch hunting. Just look at the viewership of those hunting shows on TV. You see how hunting is loved throughout the world?
  • And people have a lot of fun while participating in hunting. It is the same as other sports

Finally, the best part about hunting is that it is really easy to take up. You just need the right equipment and a good hand to handle gun and you are on your way to become a hunter. This is better than other sports because in other activity such as: golf, baseball, etc… you need talent to play.

Now we will look at why hunting should not be considered a sport

  • First of all, hunting involves killing a lot of animals. As fun as it is, it is no doubt that hunting requires killing as one of its essential part. You cannot simply shoot a prey and after you finished the hunt, the prey will miraculously revive. In other sports, you do not kill to win; you just need to beat other competitors because you are faster than them or stronger than them. You never ever kill.
  • Moreover, a sport involves two sides which have the same and equal opportunity and equipment. In addition, both sides must be willing to participate in the activity as well. However, in hunting, the animals does not have the same opportunity as hunters (they cannot use gun). In addition, the animals are sure not to want to join a sport where their death is the final result.
  • In addition, hunting is destroying our environment as well. As you may know, other sports do not have a negative impact on the environment or the nature we are currently living in. By killing animals, the balance of nature is seriously endangered. Some hunters, just because they want a special “trophy”, they are willing to kill any types of animals that they can get their hand on, even endangered species. This leads to the extinction of a lot of kinds of animals.
  • While we do have a lot of fun when we are doing different sports and some enjoys hunting, we do not kill for fun. It is not ethically acceptable.
  • Moreover, all types of sports have a set of rules or regulations, something that can be used to enforce the wrongdoers in case of misbehaviors happen. Despite having its own set of rules, the regulations only apply to public hunting ground. Most of the hunting, on the other hand, happens on private lands, where a lot of animals are trafficked there for the sole purpose of giving a hunter something as “trophy”. This seriously endangers wildlife because rules are hard to enforce on private lands

In conclusion, the matter of hunting is a sport or not is still up to debate. The best we can do right now is trying our best to follow the rules to protect wildlife.



As you know, as a hunter, getting your body in its tip top shape is very important. In general, doing sports is known as an effective way to improve health, to build body as well as to relax in the free time. Between out and in door sports, people seem to prefer the former more than the later because they are diversified, for example running, jogging, fishing, hunting, kayaking, climbing, skiing, canoeing, diving, striking, and so on. In this article, we will introduce you to some sports that will help you get your body fit enough to hunt effectively.

  • Outdoor water sports

This kind of outdoor activities includes 3 types: in the water, on the water and under the water. The first one has many popular sports such as swimming, diving, surfing (with a board), snorkeling (swimming at the sea’s surface with equipments such as a mask, fins, and a snorkel), water aerobic, rescue swimming, and others. Second, here is the lit of surface water sports that you can choose: kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing, wakeboarding (quite similar to waterskiing, but utilizing only one board that attached to the feet), picigin (kicking a ball on shallow waters area), etc. And the last one, sports under water, we have many choices for this type, for example driving including deep-driving, cave-driving, ice-driving. The other kinds of underwater sports could be spear fishing, underwater hockey, underwater orienteering, underwater photography, etc,…

  • Mountain activities

They are trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, canyoning, sky running… In term of trekking, the most popular sport in mountain area for your great walking holidays, you should have carefully physical preparation by doing some soft exercises like cycling, swimming, jogging and long walks. It is a good idea for you to get basic experience, necessary skills to make sure that you have been strong enough for trekking on a long day. Regarding to mountain biking, there are many different types of way we can try: mountain, downhill, jumping, riding, and the most exciting one-cross country.

Two types of outdoor sports that mentioned above are the most common ones which are favorited by many people who love sport. For you, you can decide which one outdoor sport could be suitable most for yourself. Besides, you should bear in your mind that outdoor sports seem to be more challenge and dangerous than indoor ones, so you need to take care of yourself carefully.


Make your holiday full of memory with exciting outdoor sports

Do you and your family have a long holiday and seem to hesitate in choosing activities for this? Why do not you consider taking part in an outdoor sport for your warm net? There are so many choices of doing outdoor activities for the whole family, for example trekking and hiking in summer in mountain areas, skiing in winter, kayaking in beautiful bays, or just camping on places you like, and even walking around your town you live. Taking part in an outdoor sport not only help improve health as well as having time to relax and enjoy life together, but also enhance the relationship among member in your family.

Then, you should have a look these suggestions given below to have a great holiday for your family as desired.

  • Trekking/ hiking or camping

Trekking is believed to be the best choice for the whole family on holiday and it more and more popular in recent years. If you do not miss this great option of spending gold time with your beloved ones, then you had better trek a route in a mountainous region with them. When trekking in remote areas with your beloved ones, you have chances to discover different landscapes where contain numerous intriguing thing, see typical villages of ethnic communities, or join in native’s daily life that you could not be able to experience before . It is certainly a great potential for you to extend your knowledge about culture, nature, or learn a lot of wonderful things from the others people who you meet. Moreover, it is also a wonderfully opportunity for bonding your family’s affection. For camping, you can get on camping over night or staying in lodges round places have streams, forests or somewhere you find it convenient for your trip. Here are some famous destinations for serious walkers: Everest Base Camp, Inca Trail in Peru, Indian Himalayas in India, and The Haute Route in France-Switzerland…

  • Kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking is a summer activities which is recently favorited by many family. If your family has kids, you should choose sit on tops for the trip. This kind of kayaking is a great ideal boat for kids to learn how to paddle on their own as well as get fun together. There are a lot of available places in which you can get on the safe water to try out kayaking or canoeing, for example a wonderful lake that near your house, a stream, a fantastic bays. To make sure your trip is safe for all members in the family, you should get basic instructions, protective gears and even some native guides. You also need to take care when selecting the suitable canoeing for your family, especially for the children.

  • Hunting

Despite many people consider this as a solo activities, this can be changed into a group activities as well. First of all, you need to make sure all the members of your family have every single legal document that is required for hunting. After that, the fun will start. Choose a location that is easy for beginners to hunt in. The family can help each other make camps whereas the parents can go out hunting food for a memorable family dinner. Moreover, your child can join in the hunt as well. You just need to make sure that your children are eligible to handle a gun and the whole family can start an exciting journey together in order to find the family trophy. The more people can join in the fun, the better the fun is.

Wish you have a unforgettable memory with family.



Hunting has become one of the most popular sports nowadays. Many people participate in it, a lot of people watching it on TV. So how can you become a hunter? It is not simple as to know how to use a gun or to have the best gun on the planet. To become a good hunter, the first thing you need to know (many hunters will agree with me) is to know how to prepare yourself for the hunting season ahead. Picking up your gun and going to the forest is just some basic things, the most important things is to prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

  • Keep your body in its best physical state

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to keep your body in its best physical state. So what can you do? First of all, you will need a good, healthy diet. Your food should contain only a small of fat and a lot of vitamins. Therefore, you should avoid eating fast food such as French fries or hamburgers and eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Next, you can start to do some small cardio exercises every day. Some ideal exercises can include swimming, cycling, jogging… You do not need to do those exercises for long hours. Twenty minutes each day is fine. Finally, you can consult the help from a doctor or a personal trainer to help you prepare your body for the adventure ahead.

  • So does your dog

If you happen to enlist the help of a hunting dog, it is best to help it get in shape as well. Around four months prior to the hunting season, you should take your dog out for a short run every day in order for it to get used to the physical activities it will have to do in the future. Moreover, you can use this as an opportunity for you to get in shape as well. Two birds with one stone!

  • Practice with your gun (again)

After the previous hunting season finish and you do not have to touch your gun for awhile, it is now time to practice with your gun again before the hunting season begins. Your shooting skill may become rusty after a long period of time so if you cannot shoot as you could before, do not worry. Keep practicing at the shooting range and your skill will come back

Moreover this is a suitable time to do maintenance for your gun as well. Polish it, check the scope, etc… anything to make sure your gun will be easily used when the time come for the hunt.

  • Acquire the required papers:

With each season comes, the documents required for you to hunt will be changed. Therefore, it is advisable for you to check the regulations again online or at the hunting office. You should never be caught unprepared for the hunting season. You should check whether there are any changes in the set of rules, or any new documents that you will need to have to access the hunting ground. Moreover, you should always check whether your hunting license need to be extended its effective date or not. Every hunters need to have his own hunting license so you should never forget that.

Moreover, you should re-read the safety regulations. This will help you a lot in your hunt as well as keep you safe.

Above is the list of things that you should prepare for the upcoming seasons. With its help, we hope you will help a safe and enjoyable hunt.